MuscleSwap (MUSCL) Tokenomics

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Muscle Swap

Muscle Swap Token is a BSC or Binance Smart Chain Token that adheres to the BEP20 Token Standard which allows it to be purchased, traded, and stored in most popular wallets. Like For example your “Trust Wallet” or “Metamask Wallet”. Muscle Swap (MUSCL) is our exchanges utility token, and can be used to interact with the following Muscle Swap Exchange Applications:

* Purchase Lottery Tickets
* Wagered in Predictions Market
* Purchase NFT’s

Token Name: Muscle Swap

Token Symbol: MUSCL

Token Chain: Binance Smart Chain “BSC”

Token Supply: 150,000,000

Token is Burnable: Yes

Token is Mintable: Yes

Token is Pausable: Yes

Token Contract Address:

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