JudgeHub Dapp and Cryptocurrency

JudgeHub DAPP where athletes can be judged live by the public through our app. Whether they’re in the stands at the contest or home watching the live stream, Our users can vote with our cryptocurrency on who THEY BELIEVE WON THE CONTEST. 

Furthermore we will leave voting open for two to three weeks post event! This way anyone can hear about how awful a call was or how this person was robbed! And we let the people voice their opinion. And the athletes wallets can still accrue cryptocurrency!

It’s not just another way for athletes to get paid, but rather a way for them to stay connected to their fan base! All while they’re promoting MuscleSwaps platform and currency, For FREE!
A win win for everyone!

Below Is what the form will look like on our Athletes Registration page. Athletes can register their cryptocurrency wallets of choice which will be used for each contest they enter. Registration can be done through MuscleSwap.io or through their sports governing body provided they offer a registration page for their athletes cryptocurrency wallets.

Athlete NameWallet ProviderWallet Address
Chris BumsteadMetaMask 0x0487730d7f39Bd9147d41014d1cC6205729E0168
Terrence RuffinTrust0x0487730d7f39Bd9147d41014d1cC6205729E0168
Breen AnslyMetaMask 0x0487730d7f39Bd9147d41014d1cC6205729E0168
Ramon QueirozMetaMask 0x0487730d7f39Bd9147d41014d1cC6205729E0168
Urs KalcinskiMetaMask 0x0487730d7f39Bd9147d41014d1cC6205729E0168
Athletes may sign up with MuscleSwaps JudgeHub dapp or their sports governing body